The Last Super - 8x10 in - Chady Elias
The Last Super - 8x10 in - Chady Elias
The Last Super - 8x10 in - Chady Elias

The Last Super - 8x10 in

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The Last Super

On the evening before his death, Jesus calls his disciples together for supper, which will be his last. Before the meal he washes the feet of everyone attending. During the meal Jesus discloses the fact that he will be betrayed by one of his twelve followers. He shares the bread and wine, generally considered symbols for his body and blood.

- The Apostles gathered together in the Upper Room with Jesus in the center.

- Judas is shown at the right side looking through the box for the silver coins.

- The black square in the lower middle of the icon, under the supper table,  represents the tomb.

Jesus Christ

- The name of Jesus Christ written in abbreviation with Greek letters IC XC. IC means Jesus XC means Christ. Jesus (IHCOYC) Christ (XPICTOC).

- The Halo of Christ depicted in red and white. the halo has the shape of a cross from inside, it called cruciform, inside the cruciform we see three Greek letters OWN, they are the abbreviation of ‘I AM WHO I AM’ testifying to His divinity and referring to the burning bush in the mounting of Sinai where Moses asked the flame: Who are you? Voice came from the burning bush and answered: "I am who I am".

- Jesus Hand Blessing - This gesture of the blessing hand ashapes the letters IC XC, an abbreviation for the Greek words Jesus (IHCOYC) Christ (XPICTOC) which includes the first and last letter of each word. The index finger is showing letter (I) and the middle finger is showing the letter (C) as an Abbreviation for Jesus. The thump and the ring finger are showing the letter (X) and the pinky is showing the letter (C) as an abbreviation for Christ.

• Size: 8"x10"x1.25"

• Description: Premium Print Canvas, Stretched as Gallery Wrap

• Occasions: Any Christian event, ceremony, gift, baptism, newborn, first communion, wedding or celebration.

• Quality: High-quality vivid color canvas print; museum quality print with archival inks on archival mounted canvas.

• Hanging the Icon: All Holy Brush Icons have a metal hook attached to the back.

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