Love Money, Love Gold - Chady Elias

Love Money, Love Gold

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Caption: Love Money Love Gold -Reverse Painting on Plexiglass-Alkyd Paint and Gold Leaf on Plexiglass. I want you to think about what I am writing. Not just read it, but absorb it. This is an affirmation that is not only for me but for everyone. You see the dollar sign, what is written behind it and get the idea. My art is giving you affirmation for life. You see the gold, you see the dollar sign, you get excited. Everyone loves the dollar, everyone loves money. The colors will attract your mind and will draw itself into your chakra and balance it. You see the purple lines I did here on the border. It is my affirmation saying don’t just love money, be wise about it. I want you to think. In each line, I am saying over and over “I Love Money I Love Gold, but I will be wise about it. I am repeating this idea as a prayer to have what I have in my mind and in this painting to be reflected in you.
Medium: Alkyd Paint and Gold Leaf
Size: 40 x 23 IN
Title: Love Money, Love Gold

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