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Lebanese-born Lives in Miami, Chady Elias is an international artist coach, mentor, and speaker. Chady has mastered various art techniques and combined them to create his own artistic way. A visual journey of emotions can be lived through his art. The use of his innovative mixed media, combined with his creative talent, studies, years of experience, and deep passion for living and creating Art, give way for inspiring masterpieces to be admired and enjoyed by all.

Chady's iconic Artworks are featured in both private collections and public locations in many countries around the world. Such as France, Italy, Croatia, Lebanon, Mexico, Cyprus, Australia, Peru, Switzerland, and the USA.

One of Chady’s artwork collections is included throughout an Emmy Award winning short film titled “Trapped Lessons From The Trenches” produced by Shining Light Media and reported by Michele Gillen. 

Chady is an activist for charitable organizations worldwide he has donated time, art, and resources to various charitable organizations. as Camillus House, Faces NGO, Society Saint vincent de paul, Télé Lumière, Jésus Ma Joie, Fr. Nour, UNICEF, YMCA, and Others.

Chady believes that creativity is a tool brings positivity to everyone. He coach, mentor, and support all kind of creators around the world.

"I believe that a masterpiece should trigger you to think, your spirit to feel and your body to act."

~ Chady Elias


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