I Want, I can, I Will - Spray Paint Can Original Artworks


The spray cans Artworks are visual triggers and reminders of who we are as royal beings searching for our wealth, by affirming what we want, what we can and what we will achieve.
The following affirmation is the base of the artworks. I invite you to use it for your benefit. 


I Am Strong,
I Have Willpower  
To Achieve My Dreams
I Want   write/say your wish
I Can  your achievement
I Will  what? when? where?
I Am Achieving My Dreams,
I Live A Wonderful,
Joyful And Blessed Life,
I Am Grateful For
 What I Have.
~ Chady Elias ~    


I want I can I will - Affirmation - Chady Elias | Painting | Artworks
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