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The Transformational Affirmations work as self-activation. These affirmations can be more effective when you repeat them standing up by doing the following.

A- Prepare yourself.

Before you start reciting an affirmation do the following 5 steps:

  1. Do physical activities: Remember the last time that you won something or achieved something how you felt physically. Stand like the wonder woman with your hands on your hips or like an athlete after winning the race, put your hands up for two minutes.
  2.  mental calculations: Add two numbers, subtract two numbers and multiply two numbers.
  3. sing a little song: Choose a song that will remind you that you are awesome and sing it.
  4.  Imagine colors: Remember the last time that you were delighted and happy. What color do you remember? Close your eyes, take this color with your hands, put it in front of you, make it bigger and envelope yourself with this color.
  5. Laugh: Remember something that made you laugh and put it in the present and laugh.

B- Recite  

Now pick one of the affirmation and say it three times a day for 30 days.

C- Achieve

Take one minute after reciting to visualize and Imagine yourself achieving the result that you just repeated as an affirmation. 


Start Now

Repeat the following transformational affirmation 3 times a day. For 30 days. If you miss a day, you can start again. Please invite others to do this exercise too. Also, share your successful result with me. I know your results will be amazing because this is one of the things that I did to be who I am today. 

I stand up, I step up, I take charge.  I am standing up and I know my destination. I am stepping forward with confidence.  I hold the vision of the future me in my mind, body, and spirit, at all times I am taking charge and achieving the vision of the future me, today. Chady Elias


 How to Achieve More Results? 

"I am ready to work with you when you want to stand up, step up and take charge of the future you."

Your transformation starts when you decide to stand up and shift your paradigm. 

While you are standing we work on choosing what direction you want to go. Next, we will fortify the vision that you have about yourself, by doing so, you will amplify your confidence to step forward into the future you. 

Stepping forward is to stop reacting to everyone around you, and take charge and start acting on your plan and vision to live the future you, today.

 ~ Chady Elias