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By Marie Toole


Trust is not something easily attained. Sometimes it takes years to win someone’s complete confidence.

When I find a safe place to be authentic and show my true identity to another, the walls I have built crumble. There aren’t many places to find such a haven here on earth to unload our problems and concerns. Maybe in a lifetime, I find that special someone who I can reveal myself to, and tell my innermost thoughts and secrets. If  I am fortunate to find such a friend, I hold on tight.

Lots of times, especially when the pain is too much to humanly bear, I let it go and give it to God. I know with all my heart if I place all my trust in Him, I can live a life free of worry. I can pour out my heart and know I am heard. My troubles do not fall on deaf ears because I trust that God hears my prayers and answers them.

I have relied on family and friends many times in my life and have been disappointed. I expected so much and let myself down. Either I was misunderstood or did not fully explain the complexity of my problem. Not so with God. He knows my situation and needs no explanation. When I listen closely, He reveals the solution. He gives me clues but I must be open and ready to see the answers.

Sometimes He leads me by instinct, following a gut reaction and I have learned to trust this feeling when it overtakes me. This way I rely on myself and solve problems more intuitively. I become a vessel and pray to be filled with wisdom. If I ignore the distractions of the world and go into myself, meditating in the quiet of my mind, I see things clearly and more distinctly.

In the silence, I pray for guidance to be able to judge the most valuable people to surround myself with.  To continue growing in this life and to become all I was meant to be, I must be careful in choosing my companions.

The Christian life is all about trusting the Lord. I affirm my confidence in Him each day by asking for His assistance.  He is my light and His light shines through me.

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