By Marie Toole


        When I was pregnant with my first child, I was very hesitant and worried about my qualifications. I didn't take a course on rearing another human being and was afraid to take on such a huge responsibility. Who could be a better role model than the Mother of Jesus? I prayed to her for guidance.

As a young woman, she trusted when God chose her to bear His Son. She was accepting this gift and I, in turn, would receive His blessing for procreating this child. My responsibilities would be to love, nourish and teach this child about God and how to follow in His footsteps.

The only way I knew to teach my son was by my own example. I tried to be patient, like Mary, when his curiosity became distracting and his fight for freedom became relentless. I tried to let him go but was afraid to cut the cord. I had to learn to trust his decisions, even though it was difficult for me, in order for him to fulfill his journey.

Mary allowed her Son his freedom, witnessed His fortitude and was proud of His accomplishments. I learned much through her example. When it was time for Christ to bear the cross, my heart reached out to her with compassion. No mother can tolerate the pain of her child's suffering. She bore this in silence and when it was time for Jesus to be taken down from the cross, Mary wept when He was placed into her arms.

What love she portrays for me. She withstood all the aches and pains of Motherhood in her life with Christ. What little is asked of me then, to raise my child with dignity, give him values to live by and trust that he will be safe in the mantle of his heavenly Mother.  Without my faith, I doubt I could possibly bring another being into this world with such abounding trust.
Motherhood is the essence of my life for there is nothing greater than realizing how much love one is capable of sharing. My son has been my biggest concern, most awesome responsibility and the reason for my proudest moments.

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