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by Marie Toole

It is a noun, a verb or an adjective. It can also be intangible. Opening one’s heart to give or receive love is frightening. It makes one vulnerable to heartache. How then does one let love enter their lives, making it a safe place?

For centuries, scholars and poets and artists alike have been defining love in words and works of art. I see it as the simple act of opening your heart to let someone in. It is knowing God and seeing love as limitless. Despite the consequences of being vulnerable to rejection, disappointments or delusions, there is a higher element to its cause and effect. We get to feel our emotions in dramatic technicolor.

Love is something to live for, to die for, to relinquish or gain. It has given man incentive and motivation.

Love is not shallow; it runs deep

Love has no ego, it is humble

Love is not forceful, it is gentle

Love has an open heart, it is cheerful

Love is a salve, it soothes the soul

Love is never lonely, it shares a heartbeat

I’ve lived because I ’ve loved throughout my life.  I have no regrets. Sure, I’ve experienced hurts and heartaches, but I’ve also experienced the highest form of emotion. Love. There have been wondrous moments when I thought my heart would explode. That’s what I’m talking about….the power of love.

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