By Marie Toole

Everyone has their own definition of happiness and what it would take to make them happy. Maybe for some, it’s fame, wealth,  big homes and fancy cars, while to another it would be love, health, and serenity.

I remember bolts of happiness when I fell in love, and when I held my newborn baby. They were delicious and indescribable moments that I treasure. Sometimes all it takes is a ray of sunshine, a moonlit night, a stroll on the beach or an unexpected hug and kiss. I am very aware of these times that have touched my life.

When I think about what brings a smile to my face, I recall the birth of my first grandchild. How does my heart not leap out of my chest?  I never believed I was capable of so much love. All I ever thought of love was defined explicitly for me.

  • When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, I felt my life was over. How could I live without his undying affection? God is good and spared him and I was thrilled to care for him. I found my soulmate in life and feel like the luckiest and richest woman on earth. To be able to grow old together and witness our grandchildren as they progress in life is a grand reward.

My life is filled to the brim with activity.  I can cook, bake, write, paint and keep on creating scrapbooks of our family.  When I took up art at the tender age of 72, I had yet another fabulous experience. My instructor was patient with me and gave me every opportunity to express myself like I have never done before. What a rich and rewarding experience this was. I am truly grateful and happy with all the new discoveries I have made in my life and thank the Lord for the gifts he has given me.

When someone asks me why I’m smiling, I simply say because I’m happy.

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