by Marie Toole


        When I awake in the morning I see the blue skies, hear the birds singing, feel the warmth of the sun, taste the fruit of the trees and smell the magnificence of a brand-new day. Here I am, delighting in these treasures that he has given me another day to enjoy. How can I praise and thank God enough for this gift?

Since I was created in His image and likeness, I know I must lead my life as a worthy child. What He asks of me is so simple. “Love Me with your whole heart and soul and love thy neighbor as thyself.” Awesome, isn’t it? I know it is not as easy as it sounds. I need a lot of patience to put up with people who don’t measure up to my standards. They are not easy to love.

God even asks me to love my enemies. How is this even possible? He wants me to forgive those who hurt me and forget their transgressions? It’s a lot to ask, yet our Father forgives me every day when I have been less than Christian. What unconditional love He has for me, his errant child.

How can I truly thank Him for the blessings he bestows on me every day?

Being kind, generous, considerate and respectful of others is a start. Learning more about Christ and His life by reading the Bible and studying what makes Him so genuine. It is important that I lead a good life, make a difference in this world and be a witness to the goodness and love that I have received and to give it back to others. It is always remembering and being aware of my words and actions, so others will recognize and see Christ in me. It is living a joyful life, never forget to praise and thank the Lord for my health and for the health of my loved ones. It is being grateful for the chance to heal the wounds I have caused and to have mine healed.

It is one more day that I embrace with my heart and I do everything to make it the best. It is another day to love and to spread love to all who touch my life. It is another day to learn more about Christ and His unending compassion and love for me. I thank the Lord for this day and promise never to take one day of my life for granted.

By the grace of God, I go on to fulfill my destiny. Praise the Lord!

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