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By Marie Toole


When we have no physical proof, yet believe it to be true, that’s called faith.

It’s believing in something beyond our sense of sight. It is trusting that there is a Higher Power and a Universe filled with like minds. When man ceases to believe, he walks a lonely trail.

We are given guides and our spirits lead us by our instincts. When we follow our gut feelings without questioning, without fear, it becomes our belief system.  We realize that God is in charge and He knows our wants and needs better than we do.

I’ve had life altering experiences, flashes of insight and what I would call a religious breakthrough in my life. People suddenly turned up in my life that changed my direction, gave me purpose and filled an empty void. I have no other explanation but to say there is definitely a plan at work in my life.

When I pray, I trust that he hears me.   I feel His love envelope me when I am in trouble and pain. When I receive communion, I believe it is Christ’s body and blood that He sacrified for me. I am a Christian soldier and will follow my leader, never doubting his commands.

God, as our heavenly Father,  wants me to feel powerful and strong defending my faith and standing up to the devil when he diverts my attention. He has given His word to help me when I fall off course. That ache, that pain, that gnawing feeling is my wake-up call. The dis-ease that I feel in my physical body is when I lose sight of my goals.

Getting back on track is letting go and letting God choreograph my life’s dance. If I keep the rhythm and move forward, trusting that God is holding my hand, I will not fall. I keep the music on so I can hear the lyrics, as God is speaking to me through many mediums.

Faith is the shoulder I lean on, my fortress in a storm, a fountain of love, a light in my darkness. Without my faith, life would be a burden that I bear alone.

I pray without ceasing, knowing my voice will always be heard and the answers are on their way. I’ve learned to manifest my vision knowing, feeling and seeing the outcome in God’s time.

This is faith in its highest form.

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