Marie Toole


By Marie Toole

When I am in harmony with my spirit and feel the warmth envelop me in God’s love, all is well. My reflection in the pool of life comes back to me with hidden beauty.

I feel healthy;  my mind is clear, and I am one with both my material and spiritual world. I see my life’s purpose and can now move forward and accomplish all I was sent here to do.

With love, I will be of service to anyone whose needs I can meet. Hopefully, I can bring smiles and sunshine back into the world through my writings, my art, my cooking, baking and photo albums. I know God gave me these gifts so that I could share them.  

When my sister Claudette got sick, I could not hesitate to come to her aid because I knew that was where I was needed. She filled my desires more than I could have ever imagined. By helping her, I found such peace and happiness and was so grateful that God gave me the energy to care for her.

She underwent multiple surgeries and was nauseous from all the medications that the doctors prescribed. There was little she could eat, and I could not make anything that would fill the house with undesirable odors. Luckily, I knew how to accommodate her situation. Anything soothing was welcome, and I was so thrilled when she could stomach some food.

It was a long while before she was well enough to be alone. My other sister, Diana, stayed with her during the evenings and I relieved her in the mornings. It was touch and go for a while. She could hardly breathe and gasped for air. Her legs were weak, and she could walk only a few steps.

After a few months, she was ready to collapse, and Diana rushed her to the  ER. She was admitted into the hospital. She had a collapsed lung, and the doctors performed a quick surgical procedure to allow her some relief. She was on oxygen for the entire week, and I was hoping that she would find some nourishment in what I could prepare. All she wanted was Cinnamon Raisin Bread, and guess who knew how to make it? I would toast a few slices, butter them and bring her coffee to the hospital each morning. After a few days, her color returned, but she was still not out of harm’s way.

I brought her my wallet-sized icon of Mary that I always carried. Maybe that’s how she pulled through. I believe this is true.

Today, she is looking beautiful and is bright and cheerful as if none of this ever happened. How grateful we all are for her health and for God’s gracious hand in healing her. Harmony….well I think that’s where the three of us were at the time, and still are.

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