By Marie Toole

I accept that my life is directed by Divine Providence,  and when I sway off course, I get another chance. Lucky for me that God is so understanding. Many times when I try to control my own destiny, I fail miserably.

I’ve been given free will to make my own choices and when I lose track and don’t follow my instincts, which I believe are God’s clues, He grants me another crack at it until I get it right. It’s a learning process and each time I make a mistake, I hopefully gain insight. I must accept my faults on the way to perfection.

When I accept His way,  there is less friction and chaos in my life. How God must enjoy my little escapades; my rebellious nature. Luckily for me, He constantly reaches out to me when I step too far out of sync. God is generous and forgiving.

If I tune into nature, appreciating how much effort God put into creating such beauty, how can I not believe and accept that He created me with so much more in mind. Once I accept this as Truth, I am on my way to fulfilling my life’s intention. Once I accept that He gives me all the tools and puts all the necessary people and ideas before me to use, I can complete the picture.

I am one but I am never alone. I was born to a King and have royal blood in my veins. I await my inheritance of His Kingdom and readily accept all the good things that lie in my path. Praise to my Father in heaven. I bow down before him as a humble child and accept His blessings in hopes that I become all I am meant to be.

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