by Marie Toole

I see the stars God has planted in the sky and I cannot count them all.

This to me this is Abundance. All of creation, from the sun, moon, sky, and clouds is beyond comprehension. If the Creator gives us all this, how much more does He have to offer? My guess, plenty.

If my mindset is in my beliefs, then my faith leads me to trust that My Father in heaven will care for me, as his child. He would never abandon any of my needs and knows what those needs are before I do. I see how He cares for

the birds and the bees, and have no worry that I am most valuable in his eyes.

My fears are the only obstacle to abundance and I know that I must trust that God will deliver all I need to banish scarcity from my vocabulary which was inbred during my childhood upbringing.

I am open now to the possibilities and wonder of increase and with a heart filled with gratitude, I accept every gift from my Father that He bestows. I know it pleases Him to give.

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