Self Esteem

Marie Toole

Self Esteem

By Marie Toole

If this is all about my self-worth, I can step into this with eyes wide open. You see, I know that God created me in His image. So how could I be less?

My opinion of myself is not boastful or full of pride, but rather confidence that I am becoming all that I can be.  I am sure many out there would smirk, not smile, at my last statement. But it is so right when you think about it. My self-worth, is a reflection of who I am, a child of God, and I know where I am going.

Maybe it is because I have faith and believe that God is guiding me, taking me by the hand and walking beside me.  I need not fear, for He is with me always. What a comfort this is in my times of need and stress.

It’s not all a Pollyanna world and I know that. I have been through much seeing my husband suffer through some serious medical conditions. I have to believe that God knew I was not prepared to lose him and saved him each time.

I am thankful that there is a purpose for me. Just to be needed. What a gift that is to me.

I arise each morning with gratitude, after praising God for another day to shine and being able to undertake all the tasks at hand. I am in concert with the Universe and sit back and wait until I am gently nudged to write, to paint, or to take care of my loved ones. I am grateful beyond measure that I can still see my light flickering in the darkness.

I want for nothing, and I am loved. What more could I ask? I believe, without a doubt, that God is telling me to go forward and keep the pace and He is giving me the strength to do just that. I believe that I am an authentic human being and attract those like myself to me. How beautiful and wonderful is that?

I am still learning, enjoying and appreciating all that I have to offer and all that I have ahead. I’m leaving no regrets in my path and forging ahead hopefully following the teachings and example of my Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

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