Chady Elias

French: La Sainte Face de Jésus / Spanish: La Santa Faz de Jesús / Italian: Il sacro volto di Gesù


The Icon of the Holy Napkin or the icon that Not Made By Hand also this icon is the prototype of the Veil of Veronica, Which is also called the Mandylion or The True Image the Vera Icon.


The History of The Icon of the Holy Napkin, started when the king Avgarus needed the picture of Jesus’ to heal himself.

In this story, Jesus practically printed the first icon ever made. It was made in a miraculous way. The icon was an imprint of the face of Jesus; Our Lord Jesus Christ himself made the Icon imprint.

The King Avgarus heard of Jesus Christ's miracles and His divine power of helping people. The King sent a letter with the court artists to invite Jesus Christ to come to his kingdom. In that letter, the King asked Jesus to come cure him of an illness. The artists were also asked to paint a portrait of Christ. The king felt that if he could only see the image of this notorious "Man", it would heal him from leprosy. The artists tried many times to capture Jesus Christ's Face but were unsuccessful and it was difficult for them. Jesus replies by letter, saying that when he had completed his earthly mission and ascended to heaven, he would send a disciple to heal Abgar.

After the artists tried several times to paint the face of the Christ, without success, the Lord Jesus Christ took a cloth and imprinted His Face.

A true likeness was impressed on the cloth.

The Artists took the cloth to the King Avgarus. This was the first icon given to us and it was Not Made By Hands.

The first record of the existence of a physical image of Christ was in the ancient city of Edessa – Urfa. It was written in 593, about a portrait of Christ, of divine origin, which affected the miraculous aid in the defense of Edessa against the Persians in 544. The image was moved to Constantinople in the 10th century. The Holy Napkin becomes the iconographical prototype of the face of Jesus Christ.


The name of Jesus Christ written in abbreviation with Greek letters IC XC. IC means Jesus XC means Christ. Jesus (IHCOYC) Christ (XPICTOC).

The Halo of Christ depicted in red and white. the halo has the shape of a cross from inside, it called cruciform, inside the cruciform we see three Greek letters OWN, they are the abbreviation of ‘I AM WHO I AM’ testifying to His divinity and referring to the burning bush in the mounting of Sinai where Moses asked the flame: Who are you? Voice came from the burning bush and answered: "I am who I am".



The original of this icon was masterfully created by the artist Iconographer Chady Elias


Small: 5"x7"x0.75"   See more here
Medium: 8"x10"x0.75"  See More Here
Large: 13"x16"x0.75"   See more here


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