Book Cover | Trauma Treatment - Healing the Whole Person

Chady Elias 2017 Commissions

Meaning-Centered Therapy & Trauma Treatment Foundational Phase-Work Manual

Book By Dr. Marie S. Dezelic (Author), Dr. Gabriel Ghanoum (Author), Dr. Pavel Somov (Foreword), Dr. Brent Potter (Epilogue), Dr. Ann-Marie Neale (Editor), Chady Elias, MFA (Cover Design).


Chady Elias



Includes Reproducible Handouts! Non-assignable permission to reproduce clinician and client handouts in this manual for clinical use.

Discovering Meaning in Life, and Tapping into our Resilience and Healing Capacities IN SPITE OF TRAUMA …


MEANING-CENTERED THERAPY combined with the TRAUMA TREATMENT FOUNDATIONAL PHASE-WORK (TTFP) Model is an integrative and multi-dimensional approach to the holistic treatment of trauma and traumatic stress. Through clinical, evidence-based, trauma-informed and meaning-centered interventions, clinicians and clients  more here >>>

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